Why Your Weight May Fluctuate So Much ?


Most of the weight changes we see from day to day are water changes, not fat changes. WE ARE 70% WATER! 💦
➡️A few reasons you see fluctuations on the scale:⬇️
✔️Recent increase in cardio (increases blood volume). This is a biggie, can add up to 5 lbs in some people, just plasma + new red blood cells, & can cause a month-long stall in scale weight.
✔️Recent increase in lifting (sore muscles retain water); eventually there will also be muscle gain
✔️Any soreness, injury or bruising (causes inflammation = local water retention) #inflammation
✔️Change in meal timing- dinner later time than usual, and/or addition of a late night snack even if you ate the same total # of daily calories. Later eating means that the gut will still be holding “gut water” used in digestive process during the next morning’s weigh-in. Even a 1 hr later can affect scale weight the next morning
✔️Single unusually large meal w/in past 5 days – large meals take multiple days to digest, during which not only the meal itself, but also a mass of water equivalent to ~2x the meal’s weight, will all be parked in your gut for digestion.
✔️Eating more carbs after a period of not having had many carbs (causes liver & muscles to increase glycogen stores; each 1g of glycogen is structurally packaged with 4g water so you end up with water weight)
✔️change in dietary fiber (affects “💩 weight”)
✔️change in 💩 frequency (obvious reasons)
✔️Recent exposure to heat (hot yoga, exercising in heat)
✔️ Menstrual cycle / birth control – about 1/3 of women have noticeable swings in weight during the week before menstruation / week of menstruation.
✔️increase in sodium intake
➡️If you are tracking accurately & are really eating at a caloric deficit, there is no way NOT to be losing fat. Your fat loss is just hidden on the scale

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