Over the years I’ve helped transform the lives of thousands of women. Here are some of their stories. I hope they inspire you to start your own transformation.

Tania Atkin has transformed me both emotionally and physically in some many ways. With her guidance, knowledge, experience and motivation not only allowed me to lose inches, but I gained the confidence in everyday living to bromes the next version of myself…She is a Godsend.

Zlata Slisko
Words cannot thank you enough for helping me maintain my professional career, my three children and my tennis. You’re inspirational and your knowledge in fitness, health and nutrition are invaluable to me and all other professional women.
Kim S

I was entering my first competition and with zero previous experience, Tania took her time to coach me and guide me throughout the last few weeks of prep and stayed on me in the best way to practice!! When I met her, she just screams pro in her physique, style and her positive strong attitude. Tania’s posing is impressive and just flows! She took the time to teach and find my strong side and most important lesson was she gave me confidence in myself to take to the stage.
She is one caring and giving woman! Grateful for her coaching and can’t wait to keep learning from her.


I’d love to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


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