Testimonial: Stephanie: “I lost 12 lbs of fat in 6 months with proper nutrition!”

Stephanie’s 6 month transformation has resulted in a 5% decrease in body fat and. a 20 lb loss, 12 of those pound were fat weight. Stephanie is a, Nurse, Mother and Cross Fit Athlete, who practices a “Cross Lifting” lifestyle.

She is extremely dedicated and is proud to be over coming self-esteem and confidence issues, along with learning how to use her nutrition as fuel and her pleasure. We have implemented IIFYM/Macro-based nutrition to allow for flexibility and freedom when it comes to her busy life!

Way to GO STEPH!!!

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About the Author:

Tania Atkin
Tania is an Integrative Fitness Coach and Health and Wellness Expert for Women. Pro Fitness Athlete, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A. (Coun. Psych. & Holistic Nutrition), N.D (Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine U.S.A), Sports Performance Coach, (PTS) Personal Training Specialist, (FIS) Group Fitness Specialist, Certified Spin, Pilates & Barre Instructor. Learn more about her coaching by clicking here.

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