Beware Breast Implants Make you Sick -My Story Of Breast Implant Disease


⚠️Although beautiful, Breast Implant Illness (BII)is REAL!

⚠️My journey began 10 years ago. Being in professional fitness, having breast implants was important for aesthetic’s and body symmetry, especially on stage.

⚠️In 2008, I implanted, the now recalled by @healthcanada ALLERGAN ROUGH GEL IMPLANTS. (Please visit Health Canada)
⚠️ These implants are showing time sensitive/ high incidence of a RARE BLOOD CANCER, along with MANY SYMPTOMS of: inflammation, neurology, immunology, autoimmune, skin rashes,fatigue, weight gain, hormone changes, mood disorders,depression, headaches, pain and other general illnesses…etc

⚠️For 9 years, I have been suffering with “mysterious” Neurological, Autoimmune, Iridology condition (affecting my left eye, head and neck), Nerve pain, cluster migraines, inflammation of the optical nerve, tons of pain & inflammation, rashes, hair loss, fatigue, and hormone issues. NO REMEDY HAS HELPED TO DATE!

⚠️The pain and symptomology has been so bad, it has been debilitating, I can’t move my eye, I couldn’t function, I couldn’t take care of my family and could hardly work. It comes in waves/ episodes.

⚠️After 9 years of investing & testing and being told I had MS, cancer, brain tumours etc, by a leading Sports doctor… NOT ONE medical doctor, functional doctor, sports doctor, neurologist, ophthalmologist, geneticist, naturopathic, Chinese medical doctor etc… COULD CONFIRM THAT ANYTHING WAS WRONG WITH ME. I WAS “EXTREMELY HEALTHY” THEY SAID…And trust me, I did the leg work and I was my own medical advocate!

⚠️In July 2019, the Allergan Implant Recall notice came in the mail. Finally, it all made sense..
To be quite honest, deep down I always had a feeling that my breasts were affecting my body because I am so in tune with how my body feels being in health & fitness my entire life!

⚠️So after 9yrs, six MRIs, monthly blood tests, x-rays, testing, brain scans, which ALL CAME OUT NEGATIVE, I knew my body was rejecting the implants and associated TOXINS!!

⚠️On Sept 4th, 2019, I will undergo an EXPLANT with Dr. Khanna, @ICSL, to finally return to a having my quality-of-life back.

⚠️Ladies, beware, if you are feeling unwell please consider your implants and do your research!

⚠️I will try to blog as much as I can on my journey, but please feel free to DM me for questions or help. My journey is truly to HELP YOU!

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In Health,
Tania Atkin WBFF PRO Athlete
B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.(Coun. Psych & Nutrition) N.D. Integrative Fitness & Stress Resiliency Coach for Women
Psychotherapist/ Certified Elite Trainer

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Tania Atkin
Tania is an Integrative Fitness Coach and Health and Wellness Expert for Women. Pro Fitness Athlete, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A. (Coun. Psych. & Holistic Nutrition), N.D (Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine U.S.A), Sports Performance Coach, (PTS) Personal Training Specialist, (FIS) Group Fitness Specialist, Certified Spin, Pilates & Barre Instructor. Learn more about her coaching by clicking here.

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